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Livescore results for betting

Betting on the outcome of a soccer match was popular even before bookmakers came into existence in their present form. Once upon a time there were no options other than betting on the outcome of the match (win, defeat or draw) according to livescore. Today, the range of available options has become colossally wide, however, bets on the outcome remain the most popular.

Each football match has only 3 possible outcomes:

  • a victory of the first team (W1);
  • a draw (X);
  • a victory of the second team (W2)

You choose one of these outcomes and bet on it. If the outcome you were betting is fixed, the bet passed. If the other, you have lost. Everything is very simple, which is why bets on the outcome are in such high demand. They are understandable to everyone — even those who are far from understanding football subtleties.

In the bets on the outcome, only the main time of the match is taken into account (90 minutes + what the referee compensates for both halves). Extra times are not counted to livescores. Therefore, if you bet on the team to win, and the game ended in a draw, then your bet loses, even if the required team wins in the extra time. Only those who bet on a draw win.

How to win on outcomes

There are different strategies for betting on the outcome. Many offer or even sell supposedly win-win techniques, but in reality, absolutely any strategy involves the risk of losing money. How can you bet on the outcome of a football match so as not to lose? There is no universal answer, as well as a miracle strategy that allows you to beat bookmakers. There are ways to increase your chances of success, but even they fail to protect you from possible failure.

However, this does not mean that betting on the outcome in football is a loss-making event. To maximize the likelihood of your winning, understand how the bookmaker sets odds on the outcomes. Specially trained analysts consider all factors, which affect the likelihood of each outcome and the market’s perception of that probability. Based on this, they set the odds for each of the outcomes, laying a margin in them. Then they adjust the line depending on the market behavior.

This implies that the only way to beat the bookmaker in betting on outcomes is to outperform it and other market participants in a realistic assessment of the probability of a particular outcome. There are thousands of matches in the line, and the bookmaker cannot thoroughly analyze each of them separately.

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