Saturday, November 28,2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader, Raila Odinga, will have a rough time campaigning for the Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) in the Mt Kenya region, going by what Laikipia Woman Representative, Cate Waruguru, went through when she tried to drum up support for the document.

Waruguru, who had attended a burial in Laikipia County, on Friday, was heckled and booed as she tried to market the document.

Her speech was cut short by angry mourners who urged her to stop speaking about BBI.

Waruguru’s heckling came hours before Deputy President, William Ruto, endorsed the document.

“New article 11A in the BBI Constitution Bill introduced after Bomas will anchor the ordinary people’s Hustler economics of wheelbarrow, boda boda, mama mboga, pastoralists, and butchers and guaranteed minimum returns on coffee, tea, korosho, sukari, maize,” Ruto tweeted on Friday.


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