Tuesday, November 17, 2020 – The fight between Nairobi Governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, and the Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS), took a new twist yesterday after the county boss alluded to receiving threats from ‘above’.

Speaking during a zoom meeting held by a special Senate Committee in a bid to resolve the NMS funding issue, Sonko accused nominated Senator, Beth Mugo, of calling State House to inform them of what was transpiring in the meeting.

This was after the nominated Senator forgot to mute her end of the link when making a phone call during the session.

“She is calling State House to tell them what has happened here,” Sonko claimed, loud enough for every attendee to hear, including Mugo.

The meeting was then ended abruptly before Senator Mugo could respond to the Governor’s sly dig.

During the meeting, Sonko made it clear that he will not be signing off on any funds to the NMS until the entity was legalised.

“I will not allow intimidation from anyone.”

“Let them legalise NMS, then I will give them the money.”

“They can kill me, but there is life in prison, they can impeach me, but there is life after politics and they can even imprison me and still there is life in prison. 

“No amount of intimidation will force me to breach the law by giving funds to an illegal entity,” stated Sonko.

He claimed some of the individuals running the NMS had been mentioned in the Kemsa scandal.

“The same players who stole Ksh63 Billion from the Ministry of Health scandal for supplying air to counties and still stole more Billions from Kemsa in the Covid-19 scandal have landed in Nairobi county wanting to swindle County funds through an illegal entity because it’s headed by a military man, claiming that the order is from above, and so we should breach the law,” he stated.

Contractors are facing uncertain times as the row between City Hall and the NMS over the implementation of projects and funding continues to stall their completion.

On September 30, NMS Director-General Mohammed Badi accused Sonko’s administration of withholding Ksh253 million meant to benefit health facilities across the city.


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