Wednesday, November 4, 2020 – Just a few weeks ago, Anerlisa’s husband, Ben Pol, went berserk and stunned his fans.

The Tanzanian musician shook the internet by deleting all his photos on Instagram and Anerlisa did the same.

This was translated to suggest that there is a scandal brewing in their marriage and that everything was possibly not merry for the couple.

Then followed a series of rants from Anerlisa through Instagram about her not being happy with the way her husband carried himself during a live Instagram chat that he hosted early last month.

This is thought to have been what led Ben Pol to convert to Islam and change his name to Benham as a result.

But today, Anerlisa has posted a video on Instagram listening to her hubby’s song, ‘walimwengu’ while driving in Nairobi.

She was all smiles – probably throwing shade to her haters.

Let’s just hope that everything is great for Mrs. Benham in her marriage.

Watch via the link below


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  1. Daily post stop this crap Kenyan men are not interested,that’s why she went to Tanzania guy controlling the guy like a tv remote Kenyan men are real men you can’t control them mwanamume kamili Mkenya akikataa ame kataaa hata mwanamke afanye nini wamekataaa!!!!!!!!!!!

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