Monday, 30 November 2020 – A Kenyan tailor excited members of Thriving Couples KE Facebook group after he narrated how he met his wife.

Sharing the interesting love journey on the group that was recently formed to celebrate love and marriages, the man reminisced how the journey started in the DM after a lady sent him a message as a normal client.

She wanted him to make her a dress.

He told her to visit his shop so that they can take measurements and the first time he saw her, he was blown away by her beauty.

“The way we looked at each other, my fingers could not even hold a tight grip on my tape measure, sema jasho kunitoka,” he confessed.

He made the best dress for her and she kept going back to his shop for more dresses.

They then became friends and later started dating.

Five years ago, they settled down as husband and wife.

This is how the young man who is a tailor narrated his love journey

Here are photos of his voluptuous wife.


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