Thursday, November 26, 2020 – Former Mukurweini MP, Kabando wa Kabando, has dismissed the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report terming it as a sham.

Commenting on social media on Wednesday, after President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader, Raila Odinga, launched the BBI signature collection exercise, Kabando said proponents of BBI should have thought that this is not the right time to bring the document.

He said at this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, BBI will fail because Kenyans want jobs and affordable healthcare and not useless constitutional amendment being pushed by cartels at State House.

Since greed, myopia of BBI fraud overrides common sense and logic; since #BBI is a desperate do-or-die conspiracy for 2022 Cartel that’s ignoring all the cries and all advisories for reason, let them bring it they’ll know majority Kenyans fed-up. BBI deception must will fall,” Kabando wrote on his Twitter page.


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