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Wednesday, 04 November 2020 – Controversial blogger Edgar Obare caused a stir on Tuesday after he narrated how he was kidnapped and tortured by men he believes are rogue DCI officers.

Narrating the horrific experience on his Instagram page, Edgar claimed that he was abducted outside Kiambu Law Courts when he was attending a court session and dumped in a thicket along Thika Road after being tortured.

Jalang’o, who don’t see eye to eye with Edgar Obare, has weighed in on his alleged kidnapping.

Jalang’o doubted whether the men who reportedly abducted Edgar Obare are police officers.

He alleged that they are mere kidnappers.

“Those must be the most stupid hijackers. I’m very very sad about what happened to him because all he does is blog. 

“I have said it again I don’t care about what he writes but he has really messed me up but when it comes to that I wouldn’t wish him bad.” Jalango said.

Jalang’o added that there are so many loopholes in Edgar’s story although he wouldn’t wish what happened to him even to his worst enemy if at all what the popular ‘tea master’ is saying is true.

“Twitter was dissecting this story and there were so many loopholes but I wouldn’t wish that even on my worst enemy.

” Sijui tulikosania wapi but I’m so sorry for what happened to him.” Jalang’o added.


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