My name is Ejovi, I was married to a man named Carlos who was a throw-down type of a guy. Always ready to fight and loved going out in night clubs almost every day. Even though he was always ready to rumble, Carlos was a responsible husband and ensured that the children and I were well taken care.

I knew I had the best husband because all my friends were always complaining of their partner’s short comings and since Carlos never made my stay with him difficult, it never dawned on me that he would deceive me.

One day, I went home earlier than usual after I took a day off from work because I was feeling sick. When I got home, I dropped my bags carelessly on the kitchen counter and headed straight to the bedroom to finally lay down but to my surprise, I found my husband and some strange young looking woman buck naked busy having sex and enjoying the moment.

At first, I thought that I was dreaming so I shouted to confirm if what was happening was a reality or a hallucination due to the headache I’ve been having that morning. Carlos and the woman immediately stopped, but then he seemed unbothered by me, I could hear the woman ask him, “Babe who is this?” he answered, “This is some crazy woman who is trying to ruin our moment”. Carlos then turned to me and ordered that I should leave before he could beat me down.

Seeing his anger, I packed a few bags and went back to my mother’s house who welcomed me with open arms. For days, I was overwhelmed with sadness every time I thought of what happened that day. My mother noticed how depressed I was so she tried to reach out to Carlos but all her attempts failed after he shut her out countless times.

Amazingly, one day a good friend of mine came by to see me and informed me of Doctor Mugwenu’s abilities to save marriage regardless of a partner’s shortcomings. Without wasting time, I contacted him through his number +254740637248 and inform him to help save my marriage.

Doctor Mugwenu promised to help and so he asked me to go to his herbal shop to acquire the herb that would save my marriage. He then instructed that I should drop the herb on my husband’s door while nobody was watching. That day, I passed by my husband’s place and dropped the herb while nobody was watching like I was instructed.

Two days later, my husband showed us to my mother’s place asking me to go back home with him. I forgave him and got back together with him, he has been loyal to me ever since Doctor Mugwenu did an intervention for me.

Doctor Mugwenu says that his spell casting powers works within 24 hours mostly happening the same day they are released. He handles general problems ranging from wining court cases, winning the lottery, promotion at work, enhancing family business, protection of family and property.

His expertise in mixing herbs helps in healing diseases such as ulcers, TB, typhoid, syphilis, hypertension, gonorrhea, epilepsy among many others. Many others who have been assisted by Doctor Mugwenu say they have received powerful healing and are now more connected to their fellow lonely hearts.

He also solves life problems that include; love issues, saving marriages, enhancing a couple’s sexual life, stops cheating in relationships.

Doctor Mugwenu not only offers traditional healing and herbal services, he is also a self-professed spell caster with powers to fight off demons, get rid of bad scary dreams, protects haunted houses, breaking voodoo spells.

His ability to foretell the future is 100% accurate.

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