Sunday, November 15, 2020 – The Building Bridges Initiative report has continued to elicit mixed reactions with activist Boniface Mwangi now poking holes in the constitutional amendment report.

Venting on Twitter, Mwangi said the report will destroy the country.

To hammer the point home, the photojournalist swore befeore his dead mother and his three amazing children that the report will destroy the country if passed.

“I swear this on the grave of my dead mother and the lives of my three amazing children, Building Bridges Initiative will destroy Kenya,” said Mwangi.

However, he clarified that his move to oppose the report does not mean he supports Deputy President William Ruto, who has seemingly disagreed with the ideologies in the report.

“Our media and the citizens have been misled to believe those who oppose BBI support Ruto.”

“Opposing BBI doesn’t mean supporting Uhuru’s co-thief,” he added.


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