Friday, November 13, 2020 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has asked Kenyans not to think he is superhuman and can solve all problems facing them.

Speaking while presiding over a function at Rotary Club in Nairobi, on Thursday, Raila, who is also the Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) party leader, said he is an ordinary man like any other and it was wrong for some Kenyans to think that without him, the country will fail to move on saying everyone matters.

The ODM supremo said both the rich and poor deserve to claim their fair share of the cake without questioning since everybody pays tax.

He further disclosed how he was very ready to work with ordinary Kenyans to steer this nation to the next chapter.

“I refuse to regard myself as some sort of Saint or Savior for this nation. Instead, I wish to be seen as an ordinary citizen willing to work with fellow ordinary citizens rich or poor, young or old, born again or struggling to be worthy of God’s mercy…” Odinga said.


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