Tuesday, November 10, 2020 – A photo of Chibu Rapper was shared online by a netizen and many bongo fans noticed that he resembles Diamond a lot.

Chibu Rapper claims that he is the Tanzanian singer’s ‘twin in spirit’ and they have a lot in common.

“I am very happy being compared to a big star like Diamond, I can say I’m his twin.”

“I have not only been followed by women mistaking me for Diamond but have also gotten the chance to be with very lovely women because of our resemblance.”

“I have even been assaulted by people who mistook me for Diamond.”

“I long for the day I’ll get to meet him so that my happiness will be complete,’’ Chibu said.

However, Diamond’s father, Abdul, denied any claims that Chibu could be Diamond’s twin brother and said that Diamond never had any twin brother.

“When you look at him, he resembles Naseeb.”

“But Naseeb doesn’t have a twin and if Chibu Rapper wants to capitalize on their resemblance to earn a living, I don’t have any issue as it’s a show of love for my son.”

“If Naseeb decides to meet and assist him, it’s also okay,” said Abdul.

Check out this photo


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