Thursday, 05 November 2020 – A little known lady has caused a stir on social media after she complained how people always confuse her with gospel songstress and DJ MO’s wife, Size 8.

Anytime she is in public, she can’t enjoy her free time in peace since people always stare at her, thinking its Size 8.

When Size 8 and DJ MO were recently involved in a cheating scandal, she went to a popular hotel and a lady kept taking her photos and then approached her, wanting to know whether it’s true that her marriage was on the rocks.

She had a hard time explaining to her that she is a different person from Size 8.

The beautiful and light-skinned lady wrote to a popular Facebook page saying, “From our inbox:

“Hey ,got a problem out here,people keep on confusing me na size 8, I can’t go out and enjoy my time, kwanza the time size 8 alikua na scandal nilienda ibis hotel kuna mtu niliona akinipiga picha then Anauliza “Ni ukweli mmeachana na DJ mo’ I had to convince her I’m not size 8.”

Do you think she resembles Size 8?


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