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My handsome boyfriend has just changed from being a lovely man to someone who nolonger holds me with value.

I am saying this because of what I started seeing from him. He has been too detached from me and anytime I try to find out why he is that way he doesn’t speak until he recently made an outburst that left me hurt badly.

Oflate, I have been noticing a big change in his behavior where he would not want me to visit him at his place and he also changed the way he talks to me either on phone or face to face.

One evening, after I called him 10 times without him picking, I decided to go to his house and check what was going on. Upon arriving, I knocked the door and I almost fainted after I found my elder sister in his house resting her lap on his belly. I almost fainted.

“I am now dating your sweeter sister,” my boyfriend told meto the face as tears rolled down my face. I quietly went back to my place a cold person. On arrival, I called my friend who I was with in college and told her what I had gone through before she sent me this number from Mugwenu.

She told me to give the doctor a call for he would help me solve my relationship issues very fast. I actually did so and something unusual happened. My sister called me and said she was sorry for stealing my man. She cried loud and asked to be forgiven. I am happy today

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