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Wednesday, 18 November 2020 – Ebru TV anchor, Diana Rachel, has resigned from her TV job and blamed the toxic work environment for the decision.

The pretty anchor said that her toxic bosses at Ebru TV treated her like a school child and controlled her like a remote.

She disclosed that her work environment was toxic to a point that she didn’t have a space to breathe.

I’m so done with being employed. I’m so done with being in an environment that is so toxic for me to even breathe. 

I’m so done dealing with humans who feel like they have you, they are just controlling you in every move you make. 

You can’t even think for yourself; you’re treated like a school child and I’m almost 32 years. 

It’s time for me to fly and get out of my cocoon and spread my wings and fly, and I’m not gonna do that in employment,” she wrote.

The eloquent TV anchor further disclosed that she is done with employment.

Diana revealed that she was just faking smiles on camera when she was reading the news.

I Quit!!!

I quit, I quit I quit. Not on life though. I’m done with that chapter of employment. This may be a surprise to a majority because I may have looked like I am probably having my best life, don’t get me wrong, I have loved every bit of what I do until I got to the point where I was just getting by the day and smiling for the cameras. 

Like I said in a previous post It can be painful. Transitioning into a new season. Tears shed. Outgrowing people. Shifting. Yet, there’s beauty in newness.

I’m grateful for the more than two years I got to do what I love at Ebru TV. 

However, this is the beginning of my journey and I’m not done creating content or telling stories that touch lives and make a difference…. To newness 🥂🥂🥂To a new chapter” she added.

Here are photos of Diana Rachel.


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