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The momentous emergence of Democrat Joe Biden, 77, as the 46th American President and the circumstances surrounding his hotly contested election with the incumbent, President Donald Trump, were prophesied by prominent Ugandan Prophet Elvis Mbonye, seven years ago.

In July 30, 2013, Prophet Elvis foretold Joe Biden’s failing mental health that has been a major subject of news throughout the campaigns.

Throughout the campaign, President Donald Trump christened Biden “Sleepy Joe” while questioning his mental health due to his proneness to gaffes.

President Trump even challenged Biden to take the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (a screening test for dementia)

 “Joe should take that test, because something’s going on … We can’t have somebody that’s not 100%.” President Trump said adding “He is not going to be running the government. He’s just going to be in a home someplace.”

Popular media outlets also reported that Joe Biden’s campaign team did its best to keep his mental health issues out of the spotlight.

At the time the prophecy was given (July 30, 2013) Joe Biden was the Vice President of the United States under the Barack Obama administration.

The prophecy also mentioned what would be the negative implications to the church if Joe Biden ever was to become president and called on the church to arise.

While Trump’s legal team has already indicated they will insist on a recount in several battleground states, the consensus world over is that Biden is as good as elected.

Joe Biden’s election should concern the church because Donald Trump and his administration were huge proponents of God’s agenda while the Democrats are known not to favor the church and the cause of God.

Consequently, Prophet Elvis prays for the church to arise in strength and stand for the purpose of God

Prophet Elvis Mbonye is on record having prophesied about the Corona virus, Donald Trump election win, Donald Trump’s impeachment and Brexit among several other news breaking international events.

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