Wednesday, 18 November 2020 – Former Tusker Project Fame contestant, David Major, has reunited with his family after being rescued from the streets.

Fellow TPF star, Alvan Gatitu, teamed up with other well-wishers to help the disgraced vocalist get back on his feet.

Alvan revealed that David reunited with his sister, who had been looking for him since 2015.

“We have picked him and taken him to hospital. A team of physicians and psychiatrists are looking after him. 

“We appreciate everyone who has called asking how they can help,” Alvan posted. 

He added that David had fallen into drug addiction that wrecked his life.

“Lots of things have knocked David out of shape. The immediate thing he needs right now is rehab and counselling,” said Alvan.

The Tik Tok star revealed that they will help David get back on track after he comes out of rehab.

Below is a photo of David Major holding hands with his sister after they reunited.


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