Friday, 20 November 2020 – Disgraced former Citizen TV reporter, Jacque Maribe, has revealed that her ex-boyfriend, Joseph Irungu alias Jowie, was a nice man.

Speaking during an interview with True Love Magazine, the mother of one said that despite breaking up with Jowie, she still has fond memories of their hyped affair.

“He was very nice, he genuinely was. 

“I will never come out and say anything to the contrary. 

“He was very nice to me. I think this why it is really important to first learn somebody before you rush into something like this. Because I do believe it was rushed,” Maribe said.

She further revealed that she had dated Jowie for only one year before he proposed to her.

According to Maribe, Jowie was a very understanding man and this is part of the reason that made her fall in love with him.

“I had gotten to a point in my life, i was like, ‘you know what? Other people get engaged after 6 months. 

“I thought at the time I was ready. And he wasn’t a guy who gave me too much pressure because I used to work a lot. 

“I had found someone who finally understands the kind of woman who is passionate about her career, hours and being a mother,” she added.

Jowie and Jacque Maribe parted ways when they were charged with the murder of city businesswoman Monica Kimani.

While Maribe is still battling cold nights, Jowie has moved on and found a new wife.


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