Thursday, November 19, 2020 – Annitah Raey has trashed rumours that she was forced to resign from her lucrative radio job for lacking good work ethics.

Rumours had surfaced online that the controversial radio presenter bowed to pressure and tendered her resignation to Royal Media Services Management after her bosses summoned her for going to work late and drunk.

While speaking in an interview with a local media house, Annitah said that although she loves the bottle, she has never gone to work drunk.

“I have never received even a single warning letter during my time at the station. I don’t have any suspension letter, any concerning drinking.

“I drink but I don’t play with my job. I’m not a child. 

“I used to work at night and never been late for work. 

“I’ve never had a problem even once but if there’s someone with that kind of evidence, I would like to see it because the allegations are shocking,” Anita said.

She maintained that she resigned because she was tired of working in a toxic environment.

“When you’re working in a toxic environment and complain then you realise nothing is gonna change, I got tired and resigned over a week ago,’’ she added.


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