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Sunday, 22 November 2020 – Former Churchill Show comedian, David the Student, has revealed why he was forced to obtain money by false pretence from friends and fans, after he moved to the United States of America.

The witty comedian, who was known for hilarious Kalenjin jokes, went to seek greener pastures in the US after his comedy career flopped.

Two years ago, he was exposed on social media for conning Kenyans who live in the US.

David would fake stories to seek financial help from fans and friends.

He was accused of borrowing sums of 50 US dollars (Sh. 5,000) or 100 US dollars (Sh. 10,000) from different Kenyans in the US through pretenses of helping a family member in distress.

The comedian, who works as a taxi driver in the US, has come clean on why he had become a conman. 

He said that he had been conning people to sustain himself in the United States after relocating from Kenya sometime in 2017.

Despite admitting being at fault, he went on to blame society for pressurizing celebrities like him to live beyond their means.

Here is what David the Student wrote on social media.

“Hello, I have spent time reading this, and some of it is true (The borrowing of Money) 

“But I never told anyone my dad had cancer. 

“Going there (America), made me realize life isn’t what we see and think there’s a dollar tree falling and people catch. 

“Being here for a couple of months has made me appreciate the hard work most of you guys (Kenyans in America) work so hard to take care of your families and live the American dream. 

“I apologize to everyone I borrowed and those who lent me and I’ve not refunded. 

“I take full responsibility and I am ashamed.”


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