Saturday, 07 November 2020 – There was drama in Migori after a husband and wife were involved in an ugly domestic dispute that almost turned deadly.

According to social media reports, the duo has been married for seven years but the lady has refused to sire kids after using birth control methods, something that has led to frequent disputes with her husband.

Although they have been having disputes before, an altercation that they had recently almost turned deadly.

The lady poured hot water on her husband’s face and severely burned him, leaving him with serious scars all over his face.

She then tried to escape after taking all her belongings before a mob cornered her.

The irate mob threatened to lynch her before police intervened.

Speaking to the media, the aggrieved husband, who is in his early thirties, narrated how his wife has been using birth control methods to avoid getting pregnant.

Their childless marriage has led to frequent disputes since the man of the house wants kids but his wife doesn’t want to give birth.

Watch the dramatic incident.


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