Wednesday, November 11, 2020 – The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Noordin Haji, revealed the strategies his office had deployed to achieve a 25.76% rise in conviction rate in corruption cases.

Speaking during an interview yesterday, Haji attributed the success to cooperation between the directorate and investigative authorities, since he took office in 2018. 

This has led to specialized units and thematic divisions, which have served as the frontline in the fight against corruption.

He also hailed the Uadilifu Case Management System, which enables the directorate to file cases electronically through the judiciary system. 

“The system was developed with the aim of enhancing efficiency and streamlining the ODPP processes so as to enhance accountability, and increase the Office’s access to accurate data on crime,” he stated.

He commended the Judiciary for providing the prosecutor’s office with 16 Magistrates, who exclusively deal with corruption cases.  

This, he acknowledged, enabled the office to get clear directions and dates to prosecute the cases efficiently and effectively within record time. 

“We can look at a high profile case such as MP John Waluke who was facing a Ksh 297M case, we were able to finish that case within a record 1 year and 7 months.”

“That speaks to the efficiency of the directorate, ” he said.

On Monday, President Uhuru Kenyatta challenged the investigation and prosecution offices to focus on the successful prosecution of high profile cases, especially those involving misuse of public resources.


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