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Monday, 30 November 2020 – A pretty woman from the Caribbean has narrated how she found love on social media and got married to a man from Kisii.

Narrating her love journey on Thriving Couples KE, the woman disclosed that they met on a dating site called Tagged and became friends.

Since they were worlds apart, they would use social media to communicate.

They dated for quite some time through social media and in 2014, she flew to Kenya and got married to the Kisii man that she had fallen in love with online.

They lived together in Kenya for four years after getting married and when life became tough after failed business attempts, they relocated to her Country.

This is how she narrated her love journey.      

My name is Caverne Donnette Mochache, from the lovely island of Trinidad and Tobago, born in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Which are both islands in the Caribbean.

My husband Malachi Mochache Otanchi is from Kisii County, Kenya.I never been to Africa, my husband never been to the Caribbean. How did we meet?

Long story short, we met on a social platform called Tagged, then started dating on Facebook. In 2014, I left my island to join him in Kisii County to get married. We both lived in Kenya for close to 4 years with my son after our wedding. Migrated to the Caribbean in 2017 after 3 failed business attempts and no money coming into the family.

It has been a journey filled with lots of love and tears. We plan to return to Kenya when we are more financially stable. Thank you for accepting us in this AWESOME group.

Blessed Sunday Everyone!

See photos of the Kisii man and his Caribbean wife.


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