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Saturday, 21 November 2020 – Disgraced former Citizen TV Senior Political Reporter, Jacque Maribe, has revealed she is single.

Speaking during a candid interview with True Love Magazine editor, Carole Mandi, the mother of one said that at the moment, she is enjoying her life as a single lady after breaking up with celebrity criminal Joseph Irungu alias Jowie.

According to Maribe, dating is too much work and that’s why she decided to take a break from the dating scene.

However, she has not given up on dating and marriage.

Maribe hopes that she will get a lifetime partner in the future.

She added that when she gets starts dating again, her partner should be a good friend besides being a lover.

Maribe further said that she wants a man who will see her as an ordinary woman and not a celebrity.

“I am enjoying the single life; no entanglements for now, [dating] is too much work.

“If I were to date today, I would go for someone who is my friend. I believe in dating a friend nowadays. I think I have had a very different picture of things. He would have to be someone who aspires for the same things that I do, someone who is willing to be a partner — not domineering; let us build each other, someone who will see me [as a person], not the Jacque Maribe who was a TV news anchor, “ she said.

“For now, I am happily single. I wouldn’t close that chapter [on relationship or marriage] completely. I believe there is someone for everyone, you do not have to die alone,” she added.


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