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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 – At least 57 KCSE students at Kipsaos Boys School have been reported missing following a riot on Sunday night

The Form 4 Class, comprising of 98 students, went on a rampage on Sunday evening, destroying property in the commotion. 

According to Kapwoni Assistant Chief Phillip Rutto, 57 out of the 98 students are missing, and a search is currently ongoing.

The students are suspected to have escaped through the fence and the church gate.

Rutto was alerted of the situation by the school’s clerk and he alerted the security officers stationed at Kamworor division, who responded promptly.

The officers were led by area County Commissioner Raymond Jembe as well as the nearby Officer Commanding Station (OCS).

 “I also rushed there and met some teachers and students at the church gate through which they had escaped,” he said.

Of the students who were found in school, 30 were hiding at a kiosk in the schools while others were found at a local primary school.

A few hours after the incident, a separate incident of student riots occurred at Kiptoim Secondary School in Baringo County. 

The riot saw 46 Form 4 students storm out of the school compound in protest of what they termed as lax measures to protect them from Covid-19.

The school’s principal confirmed the incident, stating that the school is searching for the missing students as they try to contain the tension.

Schools have in recent weeks reported several coronavirus cases among teachers and students, despite the government’s assurances that safety guidelines would be implemented after the re-opening of learning institutions. 


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