Monday, November 30, 2020 – Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria, has given the only condition that will make him support the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) referendum.

In a post, Kuria said that he will support BBI if the Constitution Amendment Bill is reviewed, and the proposed number of nominated women MPs and the additional MPs removed.

He called on his supporters to join him in demanding for the change, stating that Kenyans cannot afford it because the economy is on its death bed.

The outspoken MP noted that BBI, as it is, is not good for Kenyans and they will have to choose between having food on their tables, or paying hefty salaries and buying big cars for the 640 Members of Parliament.

“Unless the BBI Constitution Amendment Bill is revised to remove creation of a 640 Member parliament- including nomination of 180 women MPs- me and my house will vote NO.”

“I urge all my friends and supporters to do the same.”

“This economy is in ICU. We can’t afford it.”

“You decide if you want food on the table or salaries and big cars for 640 MPs,” said Moses Kuria, who is also Deputy President William Ruto’s ally.

The Gatundu South MP has been at the forefront of calling for changes in the BBI document, saying that its only intention is to burden Kenyans.


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