Thursday, November 12, 2020 – Church leaders have called for an extension of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s term, once the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) is passed.   

Addressing the media yesterday, the group of bishops under the Kenya Council of Churches and Ministries (KCCAM), led by Bishop Mark Kariuki, explained that the move was necessary to ensure BBI was implemented effectively.

“Even if it means extending the term of the government to create room for debate and building bridges. 

“We need enough time for everybody to participate and feel represented to avoid an us-versus-them scenario,” Bishop Mark Kariuki stated.

The church leaders said their views have been ignored in the draft BBI report.

They made it clear that the church was opposed to the report in its current form as none of their recommendations were included in the final draft.

He further asked the President and ODM Party leader Raila Odinga to convene a national delegates conference in order to address thorny issues in the BBI report.

In 2005, the Pentecostals marshaled their members alongside the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) to reject the Bomas Constitution draft during the November referendum. 

The church rejected the draft because it provided for abortion and Islamic Kadhi courts.

KCCAM Chairman Kepha Omae echoed Bishop Kariuki’s sentiments adding that the church was ready to present its proposed amendments regarding constitutional changes.


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