Thursday, November 5, 2020 – A good number of evangelical priests in the country are praying for United States President Donald Trump to be re-elected despite indications that he will be trounced badly by Democratic Party candidate, Joe Biden.

The priests led by Bishop Mark Kariuki said a “Trump victory would be a victory for good morals”.

The cleric said that although he has not been keenly following the elections, evangelical churches in Kenya were thinking about values.

“Deliverance Church is part of the evangelical churches, so we think about values,” Bishop Kariuki said

“When former US President Barack Obama came to Kenya, we told him not to bring ‘Democrat agenda’ in Kenya of advocating abortion and gay relationships,”’ Bishop Kariuki added.

At the same time, Bishop Kariuki dispelled rumours that the church organised vigil prayers for President Trump to win the election.

“We did not have countrywide vigil prayers in Deliverance churches, but I know individuals who were praying seriously for the elections in the US,” he said.


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