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Are There Personal Injury Lawyers in Kenya?        

Following an accident, you may be too confused to think clearly or act in the right way. As is the case everywhere else in the world, when you get hurt in Kenya you will have to deal with the legal aspect of the incident as well as your injuries. The first thing you should do is seek medical attention to make sure that your wounds are superficial and to avoid any complications. 

Filing a claim there is not easy, however, personal injury lawyers will help you through the whole process. You will need one to deal with the at-fault individuals and the insurance company to guarantee that you receive proper compensation for your suffering. Unfortunately, rogue lawyers exist in       Kenya and you will add to your pain if you accidentally become their client. That being said, you should take care while choosing the attorney and we are here to provide you with the necessary information to aid you in your research.  

Figure Out the Right One

Personal injury lawyers in Kenya can deal with the aftermath of the accident and help you pass this phase if you are lucky enough to find the right one. If you don’t have money for your medical bills, they will make sure that you get what you deserve. However, a crucial aspect to consider is the philosophy of your attorney in handling cases. Some of them may resort to ways that you may not approve of, so you will be arguing with them, and everyone else involved in the accident. That’s why both of you should be on the same page regarding the situation.  

Contact their Office

A part of choosing the right lawyers is to talk to them on the phone and listen to how they react to what you are saying. Some of them offer free consultations to determine whether you have a case to create or you should dismiss the whole thing. The secretary will be the first one to answer and from here you should pay close attention to the swiftness and smoothness of getting a callback. After talking to the attorney, you should pick an appointment to discuss the legal aspect in detail. 

Do Your Research 

After landing the most appropriate lawyer, you have to do your research before meeting them in person to save time and effort. The first place you should look is the internet and try to find any information, and whether the attorney was featured in any magazine, newspaper, or blog before. 

You should also ask the people around you if they have been in the same situation before. Give your professional advisors or the legal firm’s past clients about the reputation of the lawyer and whether it is the right call or not. Additionally, talk to doctors and physicians because they come in contact with personal injury lawyers a lot. If your attorney doesn’t contact the medical team, it is a sign of negligence because it is necessary to understand the extent of your injuries to be able to persuade the parties involved to pay.  

Another place to ask is the State Office of Court Administration in Kenya to determine whether the lawyer committed any perjuries or crimes that put him out of practice for some time or not. You should also explain that you have suffered a personal injury and that you need to know the attorney’s specialty because these kinds of accidents have many subcategories. The devotion of the defender is necessary because that way they will know the ins and outs of these claims, and can solve the issue without hassle.

Avoid Suspicious Firms

If you hear conflicting opinions from people regarding the potential lawyer, you should start to suspect the firm. Unfortunately, in Kenya, cartels pose as lawyers and try to convince you of their expertise just to end up stealing the compensation that they manage to get you. They are brilliant actors that can fool you and the insurance company as well. They may even be working with rogue lawyers that help them win the cases easily. It will be almost impossible to know whether they are robbers or not because they set their records straight in case you decide to do some digging. 

Meet in Person

Meeting people is different from calling or texting because you can see their facial expressions and body language which show the person’s personality. You should take a look at the office because a clean office reflects the attorney’s level of care. The meeting should be during normal business hours to be able to meet the whole staff. You will learn a lot from how everyone treats each other and deals with you. They should take care of you while you are there and show you around without treating you as a burden. 

The interview with your lawyer will be the final piece that will either fit in the image or make you change your mind and start researching all over again. The legal team should treat you with the utmost respect without looking down on you because you don’t have any legal knowledge. It is not your job to understand the law, so if they acted superior, you should run the other way. 

You should come prepared with all the documents, reports, and bills to make this meeting fruitful. Moreover, you should write down some questions to ask before entering the office because you may forget a lot of them once you arrive. You should listen carefully to the answers to notice how specific they are. 

The best way of pursuing a personal injury claim is by hiring a lawyer. You shouldn’t choose the first one that appears in the search results because you can never know if they are the right one or not until you go through the above steps. You should follow your instinct after talking on the phone and meeting in person because sometimes the vibes you get from a person are the real deal. Remember to go prepared to avoid countless meetings that lead to hollow outcomes.

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