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Thursday, November 26, 2020 – Controversial Nairobi lawyer, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, has trolled members of the Luo community, claiming they form the biggest percentage of online bullies, who abuse people on Twitter and Facebook.

Commenting on social media after President Uhuru Kenyatta claimed he deactivated his Twitter account due to the constant insults and name-calling that flooded his timeline, Ahmednasir said that over 70 percent of those who abuse people online are Luos.

“The ABUSIVE Twitter trolls/bots H.E UHURU complained about have a tribal angle in Kenya. 

“The same is a reflection of either a community’s historic political frustration or fear of unfolding politics: 

This is my take: 70% are Luos, 20% are kales. 10% is the 42 other tribes of Kenya,” Ahmednasir wrote on his Twitter page.

Ahmednasir also urged members of the Luo community to emulate Kikuyus, who he termed as well-mannered and mind their own business.

“You don’t see our brothers/sisters from CENTRAL Kenya abusing and trolling on Twitter because. 1. Most are employed or running their businesses. 2. The community isn’t politically traumatised. 3. They are individualistic than communal. 4. Most mind their business. 5. Good manners,” Ahmednasir added.


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