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Friday, 27 November 2020 – A man has excited Netizens after he narrated how he met his wife.

Narrating his love journey on Thriving Couple KE Facebook Page, the middle-aged man who is identified as, Paul Mwanzia, disclosed that he was going through his Instagram page when he saw a post of a heartbroken lady, who had parted ways with her boyfriend.

Blown by her beauty, he sent her a DM to lift her spirits and told her that if she needs a shoulder to lean on, he is always available.

Coincidentally, he had also just broken up with his girlfriend.

He then sent her his phone number and they kept in touch.

Their friendship developed to love and after knowing each other for some time, they walked down the aisle.

This is how he narrated his interesting love journey.

Wow….. How we Met!

Its 2014, and as usual am going through my Instagram when I see a post of a girl who has been heart broken, from the look of the post, she is in depression. Myself have been through a heart break few months ago and God has helped me to overcome it.

So I DM this lovely girl (Very Beautiful From the Looks) my Phone number and this is what I write to her… Hey pretty, av been through what you are going through and I did overcome it, if you need a shoulder to help you overcome this heartbreak, that’s my number 07……”

She gets in touch with me for assistance to overcome heart break… its 2014 July – August, now its 2020 and am still walking her through the journey of overcoming heartbreaks and rebuilding her back by the Grace of God.

She is also rebuilding me in the Lord

See photos of the lovely couple.


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