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8 Essential Winter Additions to Your Living Room 

Even though the weather can sometimes get extreme, winter is a wonderful time that brings with it feelings of comfort, family and holidays filled with unforgettable memories. Winter is a time to cozy up at home, drinking hot beverages, and spending quality time with your loved ones indoors. As the colder months slowly start creeping up, it is vital to start thinking about how you can make your home feel warmer and more comforting during this season. Since people tend to spend most of their time at home in their living rooms, it should be the first place to make winter alterations. By adding objects and appliances and making some decorative changes, you can have a cozy living room where you and your family can spend quality bonding time together away from the shivering cold outdoors. Here are some of the essentials to consider adding to your living room during winter so that you can enjoy a jolly season indoors. 

1. Heaters

Weather conditions can get to an extreme level in certain areas during winter. Sometimes, even if you have central heating in the house, you may still end up feeling a little cold and in need of some extra heating, appliances to help you feel toasty and warm. Turning on the gas heaters in the house can also be quite expensive during winter. Therefore, it is best to invest in some alternative heating appliances to keep you warm while you are sitting comfortably in your living room. These heaters include:

  • Fireplace

Having a fireplace in the house is one of the most traditional ways to warm-up your entire living space in almost no time without having to spend a fortune on bills. As seen on, installing a fireplace in your living room is not that hard a process, but it can have rewarding results in the end. After having the fireplace fitted, all you would need is some wood logs to start the fires and a few tools to ensure you are safe while the fire is on. Other than that, the fire should warm up the room in a matter of minutes and make you forget about the shivering cold entirely. 

  • Electric Heaters

If you are looking for an easy way to keep warm in your living room without having to crank up the gas heater to extreme levels, you can always invest in an electric heater. These appliances come in various shapes and sizes and are portable, so you can move them around with you wherever you want to sit or lay down. They are perfect for when you want to cozy up in your living room to watch TV or read a book under a blanket for a little while and get some extra heat to keep you comfy. 

2. Texture and Layers

Once the weather starts getting colder, the more furniture you have, the warmer you will likely feel. Even if you do not have that much furniture around your place, adding texture and layers of small items can give you the illusion of bigger furniture and give you a feeling of coziness. Adding texture is all about playing around with different fabrics and colors to make the place feel more tight and warm. Even if you have a neutral palette, you can add some elements that are a little bolder than what you are used to in order to bring the whole place together. Adding extra layers to your furniture is key to feeling more toasty indoors. The following are two of the most common types of items that homeowners can invest in to add cozy layers in their living rooms. 

  • Pillows

Throw pillows are one of the easiest items to find and place around your living room for an extra element of comfort and warmth. They come in different shapes and sizes to fit every style preference and change the feel of any place instantaneously. Not only will pillows make your room feel warmer, but they will also provide great comfort for anyone wanting to lie down or find something to lean on while sitting with other family members or guests. You can place the pillows on chairs or sofas or even have them spread around other pieces of furniture and on the floors. 

  • Throws

Everyone loves having a small blanket or a throw to cover up with as it gets cold. Adding quilted throws over any sofa or futon in your living room can transform it from just a regular living space to a comfy indoor hub where you can sit and relax. Throws come in different styles and are made from different fabrics to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. Fleece blankets and knitted throws are usually the most popular for an elegant look that is also comfortable and soft on the skin. 

3. Warm Lighting

The type of lighting you have in your living room plays a huge role in how warm it feels. Natural light is great for any home, especially if the sun shines for a few hours every day, even during winter. The sunlight can bring in a natural feeling of warmth and revive the space instantaneously. However, if you live in a place where sunlight is scarce, you can invest in warm lighting to give yourself the illusion of a warmer atmosphere. Here are some examples of lighting fixtures that will be great in any living room, especially during winter.

  • String Lights

Winter is known for its dark days most of the time where the sun rarely ever shines in some places. Since your living room should be the most vibrant place in your house, it is essential that you hang light fixtures that reflect that vibrancy. String lights can be the perfect choice in such a case as it is fun and unique, and it makes any room look much warmer and lively. These lights are super easy to install and fix anywhere around the room, even over furniture or crumbled up in a corner to add a creative touch. They are also known for being energy efficient, so you would not be wasting too much unnecessary electricity on them, yet you would get great results and value. 

  • Chandeliers

Nothing says elegance in any room more than a shiny chandelier. This particular light fixture has the magical ability to transform any living room into a luxurious suite where you and your loved ones can feel warm and classy all at once. Chandeliers that come in golden colors with light bulbs that are faint and slightly yellow will make you feel like you have your own sun in the room. It quickly gives the illusion that the place is much warmer than it might actually be and will highlight all the furniture you have in the space. 

  • Candles

Coziness and candles go hand in hand. There is something about the sound of burning wax along with the heat coming out of the tiny fire that makes any room feel much more comfortable and relaxing. You can get real wax candles and place them on tables at night to make the living room even warmer, or you can invest in some fake candles and have them scattered around the room to give that illusion of warmth. The great thing about candles, real or fake, is that they are really cheap and energy-efficient, so you would not have to worry about spending too much money. If it’s affordable, buy fragrance candles, adding ambience to the warmth of the room. It would be much better to get fake candles in different colors if you have any children or pets to be safe and avoid any risks. 

4. Fire Rugs

Placing rugs in your living room is an easy trick to make it look and feel much cozier during winter. Adding more fiery-colored rugs in your living room will make it feel much more comforting and relaxing. Think of desert colors when you are choosing rugs as those colors have the ability to cozy up any room in a subtle way that you can only notice when the weather starts getting colder. You can also invest in a couple of faux-fur rugs to add an extra element of comfort to the room and give your feet a warm treat every time you walk on the rugs. Nothing spells winter more than lying on a faux-fur rug in front of the fireplace. If the faux-fur rugs are small enough, you can even place them on chairs or hang them on the walls as decorations.

5. Thermal Curtains and Dark Blinds

Once you get your living room to finally become as warm as you want it to be during winter, you will want to lock that heat inside and prevent any swooshes of cold air from making their way into your home. One way to do that would be by investing in thermal curtains and dark blinds or shades. These curtains are similar to regular curtains except that the fabric is usually a bit thicker and can be lined in fleece-like material that prevents any cold air from passing through. The same thing goes for dark blinds, where they reduce the amount of air flowing inside your living room and give the illusion that the place is more confined and warm than it would if the blinds were open or if they were a lighter color. 

6. Fragrance

Winter comes with its unique fragrances. There is not one unique smell that indicates the cold season’s arrival. However, there are certain smells that trigger the feelings of warmth and coziness and signal the arrival of winter. You can invest in some of these fragrances and have them placed around your home to spark a hint of winter joy and help you feel more relaxed as you get toasty in your living room. These fragrances can be anything from Christmas smells like ginger spice, cinnamon, or even vanilla. Each person has their personal preferences and a unique fragrance that reminds them of the cold season, and that should be the fragrance they use to add some joy to their living room. 

7. Plants

Not many people realize just how much bringing the outdoors inside can help them feel warmer during winter. As the weather starts getting colder, people start going out less and less, and they do not get to see nature as much as they would when the weather is warm. By adding plants to your living room, you will interact with nature a little more without having to go out into the cold at all. Plants also make any room look much more elegant and vibrant as they are usually colorful and great for efficiently decorating your living space. 

8. Winter Decorations

Every season has its unique set of decorations that make it more special. For winter, there is an abundance of decoration choices available as the events of this season are numerous. You can start by adding Halloween decorations with pumpkins and orange fixtures around the living room to signal the beginning of the season. Then you can start adding more Christmas pieces around the room, including small trees and snow globes, as well as pine cones and reindeers to add some extra joy to your living space. These small items can have a tremendous effect on just how cozy and lively your living room is, and they are likely to make it a lot more inviting and relaxing. 

The living room in any home is a place where everyone can hang out and relax while doing any number of laid back activities. As winter approaches and the weather starts getting a little colder, you can start adding some elements to make your space feel more cozy and warm. Make sure you do some research before investing in any new appliances or decorations so that you can get a good deal every time. Do not be afraid to use bold and fiery colors in your living room, especially during winter, as they have the miraculous ability to make any room look and feel much more relaxing and warm.

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