Friday October 9, 2020 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has advised Deputy President William Ruto to quit the government and walk away rather than oppose President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

Speaking during an interview yesterday, Raila argued that the Head of State was focused on uniting Kenya through Building Bridges Initiative which is opposed to. 

He referred to the incident where his father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, quit as Vice President after he differed with founding father Jomo Kenyatta in April 1966. 

“Ruto is part of the handshake.”

“He has been consulted on every development.”

 “If I felt frustrated and side-lined, I would take a walk.”

“Jaramogi was a vice-president and when he found it untenable to stay in Government, he stepped aside,” Odinga stated. 

Further, Ruto is mandated to deputise Uhuru yet he had reportedly absconded his duties. 

Raila lamented that the DP opposed every Government directive and then blamed the same Government for sidelining him. 

On matters, BBI, Raila defended the project stating that it offered solutions to most of the challenges in Kenya.

He urged Ruto and his allies to desist from opposing the report without reading its content. 

“These are anarchists who don’t want order in the country.”

“BBI is not for Uhuru or Raila.”

“It is for the people,” he stated. 


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