Friday, 23 October 2020 – Radio Jambo presenter, Joyce Gituro, has revealed how her husband left with everything that they owned and how this left her with nothing.

“My husband left us.”

“He carried everything in the house.”

“I have never seen a man who when leaving packs the cooker, fridge, seats, curtains and other things in the house,” narrated Bishop Gituro.

The mother of three said that everything changed when they decided to change the church they used to attend.

According to her, her husband had joined a cult.

“The church was the main reason me and my husband parted ways.”

“I lost my husband in church.”

“My husband told me how we had to leave the church we used to worship and he took me to a church I did not believe in.”

“For me that new church was sounding funny,” said Gituro.

Gituro revealed that in the new church, she started receiving scary prophecies from the Pastor and her husband’s behavior also changed.

“I remember one time he came back from his usual prayers and said the kids did not belong to him.”

“He got into debts to an extent that even my car was taken away,” she added.


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