Tuesday, October 27, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta went ham on his Deputy, William Ruto, yesterday, revealing all the lies he has been peddling about the now launched Building Bridges Initiative report.

Speaking at Bomas of Kenya in the presence of Ruto during the BBI launch, Uhuru noted that Ruto was part and parcel of the BBI report since its inception, contrary to what he is peddling around.

“I also want to thank my deputy president because all I know, along that path, I kept him abreast of what was going on.”

“He was part and parcel, it is the truth.”

“I am not lying, you can ask him,” stated Uhuru to the utter surprise of many.

“In fact, he helped me identify some of the people I just mentioned here, and the purpose as I had told him and as we agreed with Raila, was never to talk about what shall happen tomorrow in terms of elective posts.”

“I said it was an extension of what you and I did in 2013,” he continued.

So unsettling was Uhuru’s speech that at some point, the DP stood up and whispered something into his ear.

Earlier, the DP had also been heckled mid-speech with some delegates asking him to leave the stage.

Ruto later called for leaders to refrain from contests pitting the rich and the poor.


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