Friday, 16 October 2020 – Controversial cleric, Father John Pesa, grabbed the headlines recently after he misquoted the Bible at a function in Ruto’s Sugoi home 

He later claimed that his life was in danger after some people stormed his church and allegedly demanded to be given the money that Ruto had dished out to him.

Some people may have known John Pesa recently after he misquoted the Bible at Ruto’s home but the man is no stranger to controversy.

While speaking in a past interview, the aging cleric, who doesn’t have a wife, revealed that he is a strict vegetarian and his food is cooked by women who have reached menopause.

According to John Pesa, his food should never be cooked by a woman who is still having her periods because the church forbids it.

“The only women allowed to cook for me are those who have reached menopause. If there is none around, a man can do it, “he said during an interview with a local publication.


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