Friday, 16 October 2020 – Citizen TV’s anchor, Victoria Rubadiri, is a proud mother as her daughter, Neema, turns 16.

The single mother of one revealed in a past interview that she gave birth to her daughter when she was 18 years old.

Victoria, who is a pastor’s daughter, revealed that it took a long time for her to accept motherhood.

The award-winning TV journalist shared photos on Friday to celebrate her daughter’s 16th birthday.

“It’s on October 16th. Officially Mom to a 16-year-old” she wrote.

Victoria shared a photo of her daughter when she was a little girl and compared it with another photo of the same daughter as a 16-year-old teenage girl.

“How it started, How it’s going” she captioned the photos.

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  1. There is something demonic going on in social media about single mothers who think they can rule the world with their backwardness poisoning young generations that is really proud being a single mother than having both parents,this stupidity has to stop and the government should start speaking about this stupidity of this single mothers, leadership starts when a child is being brought up with both parents Kenya is becoming a shithole of single mothers we must weak and stop this stupidity and madness otherwise in future we shall have a big problem with this shitholes single mothers.

    • Is your problem with the mother who bring up their children single handedly? Remember there are many ways of becoming single. So what do you want the government to do? You are just bitter

  2. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! Let the truth be told in future the lady will become a shithole like her mum let a spade be spade we are tired with single moms.

  3. So what will single moms do when dads declines responsibility.? Should the single moms also be as irresponsible as those fathers.? Whoever is complaining of single motherhood is the a sheethole himself. It is like he not existing in this society where the majority are irresponsible men.

  4. I agree with that guy if you’re not ready for marriage don’t become a shithole mum,many single mothers are pathetic as there Childrens and it’s so embarrassing they can not cook and take care of there husbands calling themselves career women living there children desperate with no real fathers most Kenyan single women are shitholes very true and society agrees with that and there is nothing they can change about that is reality they must face it shitholes Kenyan moms.

  5. Most Kenyan singles mom are stupid moms who think this is America when Obama won elections, thinking they are goddesses yet the world see them like fools with no directions,God made a man and a woman to live together as husband and wife with harmony and he never made shitholes moms to poison the society let’s face the reality children need both parents and thats Godliness and a woman should be the helper and submit to the husband,shitholes single moms you have no where to run face the reality.

  6. Single parenting shouldnt be a platform to express bitterness and hate.Behind every single parent there is a story so stop hating on single parents even without knowing why they are the way they are
    Period !!!

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