Saturday, October 17, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has poured cold water on rumours being spread regarding the National Integrated Identity Management system (NIIMS).

Speaking during a Cabinet meeting on Friday at the KWS Law Enforcement Academy in Manyani, Uhuru said that some people have been spreading rumours that a German firm has been handling the Huduma Namba exercise.

Deputy President William Ruto’s allies led by Nakuru Senator, Susan Kihika, had earlier this month alleged the system was being managed by a foreign firm, adding that there was a scheme to rig the 2022 elections.

However, Uhuru said, “After watching and listening to certain individuals speaking a lot of total ignorance…talking I don’t know about Germans coming to do Huduma Namba, I don’t know which contract being signed, how many billions…these are the Germans you’ve been talking about (young Kenyan innovators).

Uhuru asked the people who are still doubting about the entire Huduma Namba process to engage the innovators.

“You can meet them in person and ask them all the questions that you have,” he said.


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