Saturday, October 31, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto has spoken about an incident in Murang’a County on Friday where an unidentified man tried to attack him as he was leaving an event at Rurii Stadium in Mathioya Constituency.

The man walked towards DP Ruto as he was heading to his vehicle and lifted his hand in an apparent attempt to attack but he was stopped by the DP’s security and pinned to the ground.

The DP took a step back as the man approached him menacingly and the threat was neutralized in seconds by Ruto’s no-nonsense bodyguards.

Speaking to a local daily after the accident, Ruto through his spokesman, David Mugonyi, dismissed claims that the man was trying to attack the DP.

Mugonyi said the DP’s security misunderstood the man’s intention as he was only trying to give Ruto a gift.


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