Monday, October 12, 2020 – An outspoken Nairobi lawyer has said Deputy President William Ruto’s presidential dreams will be crushed by the system before 2021.

In an article in one of the local dailies on Monday, lawyer Dunstan Omari said that Ruto will soon lose the little powers he still enjoys, all in the name of frustrating him, in what he terms an all-out attack from the ‘system’, which wants the DP out of the way.

Omari argued that so hard will the system be on Ruto henceforth that it will have completely crushed him by 2021, a year to the presidential duel.

“Ruto’s star is being dimmed daily. It looks like the system has unleashed itself without restraint. They have decided to be so merciless on clipping his powers before 2021,” Omari hinted.

The lawyer cum political analyst opined that Ruto’s only remaining option is to rush to the courts to stop some of the new strategies being adopted by the Government which is openly targeting him, his allies, and his political movements.

“The only way for Ruto is to dash to court, but before the court pronounces itself, they would have taken him to the periphery.

“William Ruto is going to be beaten into submission,” he wrote.


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