Thursday, October 29, 2020 – Tharaka Nithi Senator, Prof Kithure Kindiki, has said Mt Kenya region has finally identified the individual who will be the region’s political kingpin once President Uhuru Kenyatta retires in 2022.

Though there have been rumours that Uhuru will continue serving as region’s kingmaker even after his retirement, Prof Kindiki, who is also former Senate Deputy Speaker, said once Uhuru goes home in 2022, Deputy President William Ruto will take over the mantle.

Kindiki said Ruto already has the region’s support in his 2022 presidential bid, adding that he “is the only national leader that Mt Kenya region has endorsed to carry their aspirations.”

During an interview with a local daily, Kindiki further said the second in command enjoys massive support in the country, especially among the less fortunate whom he referred to as “hustlers”

“The hustler movement whose leader is none other than the DP has swept the entire nation. It is a movement that is not about the leaders but the common mwananchi,” Kindiki said.


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  1. BBI- The crux of the matter
    21st October 2020.
    The motivation behind BBI is that the dynasties are afraid of a possible hustler’s regime, which may get on a rampage to emasculate their long established business empires and ideological domination. The dynasties do not feel secure and are apprehensive that their interests will be greatly jeopardized to irreparable levels if the hustlers take the throne. This fear is what is driving the BBI; it is not the much touted constitutional moment we are being told about. A constitutional moment does not currently exist in Kenya neither is it discernible. It has been manufactured by the politicos yet it should emanate from the governed. Ours is a historical moment instead, a forceful phenomenon heralding a generational and systemic change.
    Now the hustler kingpins must endevour to reassure the dynasties that they have no interest in destroying their empires nor are they motivated by the need for revenge because, that trajectory might prove to be very expensive not only for the hustlers but for the entire nation. Let the hustlers assure the dynasties that they have no energy for pursuit of revenge; their plate is full with the agenda for nation building that does not include dismantling of empires. However, the dynasties on the other hand must now get contented with what they have amassed so far and be ready to lose the advantage they have always had in government business. This will be so as the hustlers’ elites take charge and commence on a journey of rewarding themselves and transforming into the latter day dynasty club, with time.
    Practically speaking, the fear with the dynasties is misplaced and they are erroneously taking the country in the wrong direction under the guise of reforms yet, what they are pursuing is self preservation. It has nothing to do with a better nation, this is just rhetorics. I say the fear is misplaced because, even for the hustlers to survive in an environment saturated with dynastic structures, establishments, allies and systems which have been established over long time, they must be able to cede some ground at some stage because they will need the dynasties to get things moving. This is because our nation is founded on these dynastic structures and ideologies. So you cannot cut the roots of a tree abruptly, it will fall. But time for change is here let’s manage the change with utmost prudence as we realign the foundations.
    The dynasties must not be preoccupied with stifling the hustler nation. What we are witnessing are ripples of a generational and systemic change, it is a phenomenon that cannot be restrained: it represents dynamics of society that have defined nation states over time. It is the real force that is unstoppable not the “reggie”. The drivers of the hustler nation are also not fully aware of what this movement entails and they must handle it with care not mistaking it for an opportunity to propel to personal aggrandizement and greatness.
    No, the hustler movement is representative of a society that has matured for generational and systemic change. The leaders of the hustler nation must therefore delve deeper into discerning the feelings, cries and expectations of the hustler nation and be able to grasp the weight of the responsibility they are asking for. Otherwise, the hustler nation is a dangerous clout which hates disappointment. It doesn’t know playing games like the dynasties and it also gives up very fast. It is a nation that can easily devour the custodians, leaving indelible marks.
    The moment beckoning us is replica of what happened in Zambia when Fredrick Chiluba became president. It is disturbing to remember how Chiluba ended up, after squandering the opportunity to transform the lives of the masses who epitomized him as a beckon of hope for their liberation from years of oppression and underdevelopment. Are the hustler prefects prepared for what they are asking for? Those in the camp of hustlers who will misconstrue the moment and treat it as an opportunity for personal gain and exploitation will become casualties in the fastest instance. Fate, nature and God will conspire against such; they must be wary and cognizant of that eventuality.
    Instead of the dynasties roughing the waters out of desperation, they should employ wisdom, their long established social and political capital and economic power to manage the hustlers’ take over, as they keep close ties to ensure that nothing goes wrong. This is because, as it is natural with humans, the hustlers’ kingpins also wish to become dynasties of tomorrow. They therefore are arguably able and willing to tolerate the dynasties at various points. (They are not mad nor are they fools, as they have occasionally asserted).The dynasties must be wise and cultivate patriotism by smoothly managing this change without being selfish and without plunging the country into chaos because of their sense of fear and insecurity. Their fear is misplaced. It is very costly to try to destroy the dynasties’ empires, it’s neither worth the effort nor is it tenable. Jomo Kenyatta could not take the route advocated by Mau Mau diehards; that of hurriedly expelling the white settlers. This is because being an educated man and one who understood the dynamics of society and economics, that move would have caused an economic crunch and grounded the country to a halt. So, he managed the whites’ withdrawal and subsequent indigenous takeover seamlessly for the benefit of a stable nation. Thus, the hustlers must read the script if they ever get the opportunity.
    NB: Tax payer’s money should not be used to drive an agenda that is self serving and that has no national consensus. This BBI that is seeking to preserve the political relevance of a few and safeguard their future at the expense of the poor should be funded by the dynasties and from their pockets.
    That’s the crux of the matter.
    Cross- Bow Analytics

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