Monday, 12 October 2020– A lot of men are suffering in abusive marriages and relationships since they fear being ridiculed when they ask for help.

Some men have lost their lives in the hands of abusive spouses, who subject them to untold suffering.

A young man who is tired of suffering in silence has boldly come out to ask for help and revealed what he has been going through.

Sharing his unfortunate story on twitter, the man revealed that his toxic girlfriend frequently assaulted him and took advantage of the fact that he couldn’t hit her back as a gentleman.

He shared photos of the injuries inflicted on his body by the abusive lady with the caption, “I recently got out of an abusive relationship. She knew I wouldn’t hit her back and she took advantage of me.”

Another man commented on the tweet and said that he also went through the same situation until he decided to walk out of their abusive relationship.


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