Monday, October 26, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has slammed Deputy President William Ruto for early campaigns in which he is making new promises to Kenyans when the Government is yet to fully fulfill its promises.

Speaking yesterday, Uhuru dared Ruto to implement his grand promises to Kenyans now, saying he is in Government and not held back by anyone.

He hit out at the DP for his objection to the BBI report and promise by him and his allies that they will make things better once they win in 2022.

Uhuru referred to Ruto and his allies in Kikuyu dialect as ‘Mbaari ya Ngeeka’, which translates to the ‘Clan of Promises’, meaning those that bark and not bite.

“Why are they saying they will do things then and not now?”

“Why can’t they do it now and rest that matter?”

“Why can’t we solve our problems now through BBI,” posed the president.


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  1. did the president promise us job opportunities or a constitutional change? he promised a good stake for youths in the government, instead he gave job opportunities to wazees like MOODY. If you cant follow the current rule of law, what guarantees us that you will follow the amended?

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