Thursday, October 15, 2020 – Several students who were unable to raise the entire school fees for the second term were sent home yesterday.

This is even as CS George Magoha assured parents that no child will be sent home for lack of school fees.

A private school located along Jogoo road, Nairobi, was highlighted after barring pupils from accessing the classrooms.

Another parent from a school in Nakuru expressed his shock when he discovered that his child’s school had been turned into a mattress factory during the pandemic.

His son’s personal effects were held by the school until he cleared a fee balance from the disrupted first term.

On the same day, Education CS George Magoha directed that parents should pay up what they can to facilitate the education of their children.

“Parents are taking advantage, please take the little money that you have to school, if you go with nothing, you will have to be interrogated, if you can pay, then you must pay,” he stated.

This was a stark contrast to the statement made on September 22 by the CS in which he assured parents that no student will be sent home over lack of fees.


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