Friday, October 23, 2020 – Business came to a standstill in Mumias town on Friday morning as local supporters jammed the streets to welcome embattled former Sports Cabinet Secretary Rashid Echesa back home.

Echesa’s convoy was escorted by tens of supporters on motorbikes as they hooted and chanted words of support in praise of the ex-CS, while others carried placards.

The former CS could be seen greeting supporters from the sunroof of a car as it snaked its way through Mumias town in a long convoy of vehicles blaring loud music.

This comes months after he was arrested amid a probe into his role in a Sh39 billion fake tender deal to supply the Government with military surveillance equipment, guns, and ammunition.

He was held in custody back in February after a complaint by two gun dealers who claimed he had swindled them Sh11.5 million that they had paid as ‘consultancy fees’.

In March, the hearing of the Sh39 billion fake military tender case against him and four others failed to kick off after the prosecution failed to supply the defence with documents.


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