Saturday, October 17, 2020 – An illegal gay sex den has been uncovered at Pipeline Estate, Nairobi County after the death of a county employee.

The deceased’s body was found decomposing in an apartment in the afore-mentioned estate.

Initially, it was thought to be a normal death but DCI officers unearthed criminal activities that happen in the apartment where the body of the deceased was found.

According to DCI, the apartment is operated by a gang of men who lure unsuspecting members of the LGBTQ community through dating sites.

The members are lured to the apartment with the promise of some ‘good time’.

The gang then attacks, robs, and kills victims who fall prey to their tricks.

They prey on their victims on a dating site that is popular among gay men in the country and beyond borders.

DCI officers revealed that two Greek tourists are among the victims who were lured to the apartment and robbed.

One of the tourists told police that he was attacked after he agreed to have lunch with one of the assailants in the apartment.

He met the assailant on a dating site and after he flew to Kenya, he agreed to meet him for lunch in the apartment where the gang operates from.

The other Greek tourist was lured to the apartment using the same method.

The two tourists lost valuables and cash amounting to Sh722, 000.

Police are yet to arrest the gang of four men who had rented the apartment after they fled.

DCI boss George Kinoti has ordered speedy investigations to ensure the gang is arrested.


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