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Thursday, 08 October 2020 – Former Tusker Project Fame contestant, Ruth Matete, walked home with a prize of Sh 5 Million in 2012 after she was crowned the winner.

Ruth gave 10 percent of the money to the church and her music career later went on a downward spiral.

Along the way, she dated a guy called Tysder, an actor who featured on Tahidi High under the name Toni.

Toni was accused of squandering Ruth Matete’s money, leaving her  broke.

But speaking in a YouTube interview, Toni denied dating Ruth Matete for money.

He added that when he fell in love with Ruth Matete, she had no money.

“My relationship with Ruth Matete was one of the hardest. To some point hajui kama alispoil my life coz watu wanajua tuu tulikuwa kwa relationship. Ooh tsyder alicome hapa akakula pesa yote Na nilimjua kama hiyo doo haiko.She doesn’t even know if she messed up my life. We were in a relationship and guys assumed I squandered all her money. When I met her, she did not have any money]” He said.

According to Toni, Ruth is not a stupid girl who can let a man squander her money.

“I don’t think Ruth is a stupid girl who will allow a man to come and squander her money. She is not that stupid, at least she should have clarified I was a totally different guy. We had challenges just like any other relationships and if you realise I never spoke, my family even started to doubt me’’ He added.


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