Wednesday, 14 October 2020 – A senior bank manager, who works for Housing Finance Bank in Kampala, received a threatening letter from a jilted man, who accused him of having an extra-marital affair with his wife.

The randy manager, who is identified as Kivuta Ivan, was accused of meeting the married woman in hotel rooms and lodgings for sex.

The jilted husband, a Mr. Ssozi, revealed in the threatening letter that his wife started dating the sex-starved bank manager when he was a supervisor at the bank.

You can see the threatening letter that went viral online below in-case you missed it.

Social media detectives have unearthed a photo of the cheating wife who was being smashed by the randy bank manager.

She is a very beautiful lady and this is the reason the manager couldn’t zip up his trousers.

Check out her photo.


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  1. The Husband threatens the man chewing with his “wife”
    He has lost it terribly, he has an existing contract with the wife, the wife has broken it not the banker.
    “Fight the fire from the base”

  2. The cry of man who has discovered he had put the most precious of his love in an hollow beauty. Nevertheless that precious gift is lost in that unworthy lady. Only do not fight an unprofitable war of death threats. Endeavour to let go. Turn those efforts on discovering who is worthy of the leftovers of your precious love. That can still raise a honorable family for you and for everybody else

  3. Stop thinking of killing, if your wife was faithful she would have refused, so step back and live your life , you gat life to live and u have seen that several and your wife didn’t stop so even u kill her she will find others

  4. Worst of all the law is very inconsiderate, as if the banker chewing your better half wasn’t enough, the law will send your ass into the cooler the rest of your blerry life man😅

  5. It’s good you’ve known it when it’s still early, Better to respect yourself and the future is still bright. A cheating partner will never reform,They will only change their you either accept to share or you leave her being quarantined and sanitised by strangers.

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