Monday, October 19, 2020 – A section of business owners has asked President Kenyatta to intervene and cool the ongoing political temperatures warning that the trend will scare away investors from other countries.

Led by Operations Manager at Davkat Ventures International, Charles Nguu, they said most investors across the globe have started pulling out of the country due to the ongoing political tension.

In particular, Nguu urged President Kenyatta to reconcile with his Deputy William Ruto as soon as possible.

“We are staring at a big crisis and I am worried that we may end up losing a lot of billions if we don’t put our country in order,” he warned.

Nguu, who is also an aspiring candidate for Kitui Senatorial seat, also pleaded with DP Ruto to calm the ongoing hustler narrative which he attributed to chaos.

“The ongoing hustler narrative will polarise this country if we are not careful.”

“We may see a situation where the young generation will even start stealing.”

“We should avoid it for now and focus on bringing development to Kenyans,” he pleaded.

In the last few days, the country has witnessed tough political scenarios with Ruto appearing to be reading from a different script with his boss Uhuru.


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