Friday, October 23, 2020 – Celebrated political analyst, Mutahi Ngunyi, has made remarks that may anger the ‘hustler nation’, a ragtag political outfit associated with Deputy President William Ruto.

On Thursday, while on a development tour in the Nyanza region, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader, Raila Odinga, received a heroic welcome that shocked the entire county.

Reacting to the mammoth crowd that turned up in the lakeside town to welcome Uhuru and Raila, Mutahi said it is because of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), which he claimed has brought forgiveness and healing in the country.

Ngunyi further stated that those who don’t believe that the BBI has brought forgiveness and healing in the country can continue ‘sitting on a pin’.

Nyanza did not VOTE in the last ELECTION. But TODAY with #UhuruInKisumu FORGIVENESS has happened. BBI is about FORGIVENESS and HEALING. And if you DON’T believe it you can CONTINUE sitting on a PIN!,” Mutahi wrote on his Twitter page.


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