Thursday October 1, 2020 – Wajir Woman Rep Fatuma Gedi has raised a red flag over the growing number of Deputy President William Ruto’s hustler nation adherents saying it is a ticking time bomb.

Speaking during an interview, Gedi warned that the hustler narrative being peddled by Deputy President William Ruto and his allies could trigger violence between the poor and the rich.

She noted that the narrative, which has started to gain momentum in the country, has the net effect of inciting the poor against the rich and in turn result in full-blown violence.

She asked the DP to drop the narrative and find alternative ways of selling his agenda or else a full scale war between the haves and the have nots is in the offing.

“Let us sell the idea to Kenyans but if we continue with this hustler narrative we are heading for a clash, a clash between the rich and the poor… one of these fine days we will see people going to estates and stealing from people and saying you do not deserve to be in this class,” Gedi stated.

The Woman Rep castigated the DP for claiming that he is a hustler yet he wields power and unmatched financial resources.

The MP said it was unfair for Ruto to incite the public that some leaders were unfit to hold certain offices because they were born in rich families.

“Surnames should not be used against someone, nobody chose to be born or where to live or who to be in this world so this is just hypocrisy…”

“They are calling the Deputy President who has choppers a hustler, what I am going to call myself and people who fought for democracy and jailed for nine years like the former Prime Minister.”

“Let us sell the agenda,” she said.

However, Ruto vowed to continue with his activities of empowering the youth and unemployed Kenyans through donations of tools and machines such as wheelbarrows, blow dryers, carts, spades, and blenders among other items.


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